A Writer’s Life for Me

A recent survey showed that most UK adults would love to be a writer. Predictably some ranted about how misguided this is. But, as usual, the telling detail was buried away in the statistical bit. The statistics actually showed men under 35 dreamt of being a sportsman, women under 35 had a variety of ambitions, men over 35 dreamt of becoming senior managers or directors and women over 35 dreamt of becoming writers. It’s easy to see the appeal:-

1. No special equipment

Clear the kitchen table and plonk the laptop on it or boot up the PC once the kids are in bed. Or clear off to a local café with a stack of notebooks and look too engrossed to be interrupted.

2. Un-interruptability

Sink into a sizzling plot, drift into detection, cosy up to characters. When words tumble faster than they can be typed and flow is achieved, chores, children, office politics and the logistics of workplace, school and supermarket melt away.

3. Privacy

When children behave in public as you do in sloppy home time, when offices are open plan, when shops are always crowded and home means always being interrupted (where’s my thing-a-my? did you wash my shirt that I need today? can you help with homework?) and the lock on the bathroom door doesn’t keep out playstations, TVs and steroes, carving a patch of your own space is incredibility attractive. Space for private thoughts or obsessions where everyone behaves to plan is bliss.

Just a shame that writers can only dream of earning the salary earnt by workers dreaming of becoming writers…  And here’s another reason why workers dreaming of becoming writers should stick to dreaming.


One Response to “A Writer’s Life for Me”

  1. damiengwalter Says:

    Hi Emma, nice to know you have joined the blog wave. I think your explanation for this writing thing makes more sense than mine.

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