Pennbury: the “Eco Town” that isn’t

Brief update and I’ll try not to rant. The Leicester Mercury managed to get hold of a leaked copy of the Co-operative Group’s plans for Pennbury “Eco Town”. To quote the newspaper:-

“The classified details, which were unknown until today, include plans for two new park-and-ride sites.

“One would be on the A47 close to Houghton on the Hill, and the other would be close to the A6 – on the eastern edge of Oadby. A bus terminal serving public transport going in and out of Leicester is also planned on the Roman Gartree Road – which would have to be rebuilt and widened.

“These would all be linked by new roads into the centre of the town, formerly the airport site, proposed by the Co-op and English Partnerships.

“Protected land where Great Glen’s mediaeval village used to be will not be built on, but will be incorporated into the project. The site for a railway station serving trains to Leicester and London is also plotted just south of Great Glen.

“The map has been shown only to a handful of MPs and senior council members.”

Just why have the Co-operative Group kept so quiet about this? Surely this is a missed opportunity to get the public on their side and provide reassurances about the impact building 15,000 homes on a green wedge would have? Instead they cite “ensuring the ideas were not stolen by rival bidders”, knowing full well that if they get the go-ahead, they will only be answerable to the Planning Commission Quango, not to local authorities.

I still don’t see any answers to public questions (including ones from children and they’re the ones who are going to have to live around it), there’s no mention of schools and they’ve not said what they’re going to do about the Aero Club’s lease of the airport which still has 14 years to run.


One Response to “Pennbury: the “Eco Town” that isn’t”

  1. Jack R Says:

    There’s already a park-and-ride side in Oadby at the racecourse, and how many people use that? Not many. Just because public transport’s there, doesn’t mean it’ll get used. It won’t. And this is merely offering a possible solution to a problem that doesn’t currently exist. No eco-town, no extra traffic. Easy.

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