“Function Creep” Miserylab (Carbon Neutral Digital)

Miserylab Porl King Carbon Neutral RecordingsMiserylab’s “Function Creep” is rhythmically precise, low key but emphatic and comes with a contemporary twist, “about the now” is an apt opening track. It’s eighties’ electronica, influenced by Joy Division, that looks forward instead of back. Porl King’s love of irony hasn’t gone away, “your idol is idle” (from “delusions”) or “self-esteem is a screen you have to use -/ so you can love yourself” (from “only human”).

“when you turn away” envisions a J G Ballard “Kingdom Come”-style nightmare of shopping malls and suburbs, where to be is to consume. “Function Creep” is a necessary soundtrack to a panorama of Edward Hopper-inspired crepuscular scenes, taking in the ‘what’s in it for me, am I famous yet?’ non culture. It deserves to spawn a bandwagon that inspires listeners to seek out the leader.

The ending “rise”, opening with “I sense the apathy in your silence/ I sense the contrivance in your kindness…”, is an outstanding anthem which fades into a chilling reverberation that lasts beyond the track.


3 Responses to ““Function Creep” Miserylab (Carbon Neutral Digital)”

  1. thomas leaning Says:

    erm my best friend is the step son of porl king
    i’ve met him several times and he’s the nicest guy ever
    miserlab is amazing and he’s helping me out with my band
    long live porl king i say, absolute genius 🙂


  2. emmalee1 Says:

    Good luck with your band and thanks for dropping by. I’ve great respect for Porl King because he really cares about his music. Great to hear he’s helping out.

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