Dead, Undead or very much Alive?

Apparently I’m dead… (according to the Daily Mail, anyway)

or should that be undead, since I’m very much alive, despite the side-effects of hayfever medication.

One suicide is always one too many and Hannah Bond’s untimely death was a tragedy. It’s understandable that her parents would want to look at why, but let’s put a few facts straight:

Emo – from the word emotional – is a reference to angst-filled lyrics and melancholy themes…foremost of these ‘suicide cult’ bands is My Chemical Romance

Emo actually comes from “emotional hardcore” a term applied to bands such as Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate, bands inspired by the hard rock of Black Flag and Henry Rollins. Bands that get tarred with the “emo” brush are frequently punk-inspired and punk was very much about energy and fast-living, not moping about like a contemporary Marcel Proust.

It is largely a teenage trend and is characterised by depression, self-injury and suicide

That’s why My Chemical Romance sing “I’m not afraid to keep on living” then. Actually, didn’t they used to say this about goths, at least until they decided that goths would grow up into lawyers, doctors or journalism? “Teenagers scare the shit out of me” (MCR again).

Their first single ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, from the album ‘The Black Parade’ was released in 2006

Whilst it’s true that “The Black Parade” was released in 2006, there are three preceding albums: “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” (2002), “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” (2004), “Life on the Murder Scene” (2006).

Hannah’s parents noticed scarring on the inside of her wrists…she told them she’d inflicted the wounds herself and that it was part of an emo initiation ceremony.

Listening to music does not require an initiation ceremony (other than buying the music). It does not require you to dress in black, dye your hair or self-harm. Remember, the original man-in-black was Johnny Cash and no one suggests he inspired self-harm or suicide.

In fact there’s nothing new here. After all, we all know that Marilyn Manson was responsible for the Columbine shootings, not two, possibily bullied, isolated teenagers who had access to their fathers’ guns and bought bullets in a supermarket, who may or may not have been fans of the aforementioned singer (yep, might have been a good idea to check that one out before apportioning blame). Back in the depression-era, Billie Holiday insisted that there was a third verse about it all being a dream before she’d sing “Gloomy Sunday”, a song banned in several countries for being a ‘suicide anthem’, after all economic recession and food shortages couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with it could they?

I’ll buy My Chemical Romance’s next album guilt-free. Music doesn’t incite suicide.

6 Responses to “Dead, Undead or very much Alive?”

  1. Sally Evans Says:

    very interesting Emma and I agree.
    I’m sending the reference to a friend who wrote a long peom about Eurydice wh included section on the MCRmy

  2. emmalee1 Says:

    Hi Sally

    Thanks for dropping by. I don’t mind the Daily Mail (Daily Hell as it’s fondly known) having a go at emos or My Chemical Romance, as it makes a change from the appearance of celebrity females or referring to women as “girls”, but I’ll prefer it if they got their facts right.

    I’m uneasy at the way they gave Hannah’s parents a two page spread to “warn other parents about the dangers of emo”. It’s sloppy journalism and backfired. Not only did they pick a band who regularly urge fans that suicide’s not the answer, life is worth living, but they clearly demonstrated they hadn’t done any research. Worst, they showed that they were prepared to exploit Hannah’s vulnerable parents by giving them a two page spread so soon after the inquest, to back-up a spurious anti-emo stance, which so echoes earlier “anti-goth” stances.

    The Daily Mail could have a go at the appearance of the “girl” on the cover of the single “Helena”, which pre-dates “their first single ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, instead. I’d quite like to see that.

  3. I HATE YOU. Says:

    All of these things really get on my nerves, and may i point out there is no such thing as an emo intinaction ceromony.
    All of these pathetic articles people have write really get to me,
    you make me feel physically sick.
    And your putting that poor girls death in vain.
    So get your facts right,
    and maybe ask someone about mcr.
    We’re not a fucking dealth cult we’re like a family.
    Now piss off. Bye x

  4. emmalee1 Says:

    Unfortunately the commenter left a false email address so I didn’t have the opportunity to offer to delete the comment and not make them look completely stupid.

    Which bit of “Listening to music does not require an initiation ceremony” was not understandable? Why would I have to ask someone about a band I’ve been listening to since the first album?

    I know not all families get on, but don’t attack someone who’s on your side. And never flame someone without reading their articles first.

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