“It’s a Cry for Attention”

Helena single by My Chemical Romance“The Daily Mail’s coverage of the ‘Emo’ movement has been balanced, restrained and above all, in the public interest.” So 200 My Chemical Romance fans held a peaceful protest near the Daily Mail offices and draw an official statement from the paper, in wake of the band offering their condolences for Hannah Bond’s tragic death and re-affirming that they are “vocally anti-violence and anti-suicide.”

Perhaps if the Daily Mail wanted to add some credibility to its “the whole thing is based on the black parade which is all about dying” quotes, it could take a leaf from The Times, which ventured to South America where emos frequently get beaten up for “looking homosexual”. The Times comments, “…‘The ones that cut themselves are not emos. It’s a cry for for attention’. Which, despite what the Daily Mail would have us believe, is what emo is really about. The suicide of Hannah Bond is an isolated tragedy.” One of those peaceful protesters commented, “It’s been brilliant, such a good atmosphere… Most people here always listened to My Chemical Romance positively.”

The Daily Mail petulantly point out that, “all this provides wonderful publicity for Warners and the impending release of My Chemical Romance’s latest album.” As a newspaper, the Daily Mail should have been aware of that and fully considered the implications of what they were published before publishing. That they didn’t is their problem.


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