Pennbury “Eco Town” – more transport concerns

Finally catching up with Leicestershire County Councillors, Leicester City Council set up an overview and scrutiny committee to look into Pennbury, the proposed 15,000 home development on the east side of Leicestershire based around Leicester airport. 

Councillor John Mugglestone said, “Even if only 30% of traffic goes north, that’s 30% going down the A47.  They’ll turn off on the distributor road… That part of the city is going to be so congested you just won’t be able to move.”

Councillor Rashmikant Joshi said, “…The A47, Uppingham Road and Humberstone Road, is absolutely jam-packed at rush hour.”

Councillor Peter Coley said, “A lot of people are going to be traveling by car – it’s going to have a big impact on Stoneygate and Knighton and other areas.”

Ruairidh Jackson for the Co-operative Group who want to build Pennbury said there would be more buses provided along the A47, “because the town [Pennbury] is designed in a certain way, it means the natural movement will be down the A6.  We did look at a park-and-ride on the A47, but the modelling suggested that wasn’t an appropriate solution”.

Never mind the protests about the proposed A47 park-and-ride being built on nurseries owned by James Coles Nurseries then, the Co-operative Group’s own modelling suggested it was OK to gridlock the A47.

So, as well as restricting 15,000 households to 7,500 cars, residents of Pennbury will be forced to travel down the A6.  How realistic is it to expect residents not to head north or east?  Or find rat-runs to beat the congestion on the A6?

The councillors concluded Pennbury could cause city roads to become gridlocked.  A conclusion that agrees with earlier research done by the county.


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