Co-operative Group Win Award for Pennbury “Eco” Town – Pity it’s a Golden Bull


The Plain English Campaign have awarded the Co-operative Group a Golden Bull Award for “the worst examples of written tripe”, in particular the Co-operative Group’s use of,

The flexibility of the eco-town enables the densification of residential plots that occur at an individual level, with the opportunity to create the value (rather than incur the cost) that this implies.

on its website.

The Co-operative Group declined to attend the awards ceremony.

Great Glen Councillor Kevin Feltham commented, “The Co-op is talking in riddles. It does not want people to understand its proposals to rip the heart out of rural Leicestershire – proposals which come with a fake eco badge. This demonstrates why the Co-op has failed to engage with the public about its absurd eco-town plans.”

Any one prepared to translate the Co-operative Group’s quote into plain English?


One Response to “Co-operative Group Win Award for Pennbury “Eco” Town – Pity it’s a Golden Bull”

  1. boltonwanderer Says:

    Translation is:-

    “We have the freedom to cram as many homes as we can into a small area which makes them cheaper.”

    Actually quite eco as it swallows up less land per capita but who’d want to live there?

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