Leicester City Council’s Cabinet decision on Pennbury “Eco Town” Challenged

Leicester City Council Cabinet’s decision to support the Co-operative Group’s proposed “Eco Town” has been called-in by the Pennbury Transparency Group of Councillors.  The call-in facility allows for scrutiny of cabinet decisions prior to their implementation.  This means that the Co-operative Group’s plans for Pennbury will come to the full council for consideration, probably in late March.  This is following Halcrow’s recent report raising strong concerns about the lack of detail from the Co-operative Group. 

The Leicester Mercury is offering people the chance to send in questions to be put to government by the end of March, which is when the public consultation period ends.  Send questions to Martin Robinson, Leicester Mercury, St George Street, Leicester LE1 9FQ or email martinrobinsonATleicestermercury.co.uk (replace “AT” with @).  Selected questions will be forwarded to Iain Wright, Minister for Communities and Local Government, who commented, “Eco-towns give us a unique opportunity to tackle two of the greatest challenges facing the country – the pressing need to confront climate change, and to deliver more affordable housing.  No decisions have been taken on which proposals will go forward and we must get the locations for these eco-towns right.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to have their say, including through the current round of consultation.  We also want to give people this further opportunity to put their questions to the government, and we look forward to hearing from Leicester Mercury readers, who will ofcourse have a particular interest in what an eco-town in Pennbury could mean for the area, if it goes ahead.”


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