“Selected Poems” Idris Caffrey (Original Plus) Poetry Review

Since the book cover quotes one of my earlier reviews in The Journal of a collection from Idris Caffrey, I declare I’m a fan of his pared down, minimalist approach. Even watching “The Poetry Carnival” where the first float is “The Dead Poets”, the second “The Establishment”, the third “The Small Press Poets” and the fourth “The Young Poets”, calmly acknowledges that “Few have turned out to watch/ rain burrows through leaves,/ a bird shakes out its wings – /everyone writes it down.” Kevin Bamford’s introduction rightly calls Idris Caffrey an genuine poet. “One Daffodil”,

“You have come too soon
I am not ready for you yet –
my mind is set in Winter,
the cold scratches at my bones.
But you are suddenly here as if
sent from another time,
a different world of endless days
when I ran in fields of yellow flowers.

Every day I watch you –
doing what you can to stay
but you were never strong,
a lone candle trying to light the dark
and Spring engulfs you in its flames.”

could also be read as metaphor for writing poetry or life. Idris Caffrey knows his craft so well, he is confident to leave the reader space to think around and through the poems. Highly recommended and I’ll resist the temptation to repeat my quote.

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