A Movie Anniversary worth Celebrating


I’m not normally one to mark anniversaries or watch a movie more than once, so blame the hayfever medication for the current outbreak of sentimentality (promise it won’t last more than one blog post).  This year marks the 10th anniversary of The Matrix. 

[Warning: Spoiler!  But you should have seen the movie by now.]  The movie that started with the perception that the everyday world was real, until Neo, a software engineer by day and computer hacker at night who takes his landlady’s trash out, discovers the world is actually an elaborate deception and he has to help save humans from their enslavement by machines.  A cyber thriller with bullet time and CGI-effects that made geeks look cool.  Total Film called it “The Action Movie of the Millennium”.

The Matrix spawned discussion, had scenes referenced in other movies, paved the way for more spectacular special effects (how credible would Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Dragon have been otherwise?) and proved philosophers make lousy film critics – check out The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real, which I’ll review if a notable number of comments request it.

Aside from special effects, superb soundtrack and plot, The Matrix was also remarkable for Trinity.  Trinity is a believable female character who is intelligent, just as good a soldier as any man and careful about who she falls in love with.

But it’s not really down to the hayfever medication.  I will be reading at the Polyverse Poetry Festival in July and was thinking about what to read.  The time I’ll be reading for it just right to fit in my “Fanfare” sequence, based on The Matrix and fanfiction.  I’ve also been reading Not a Muse international poetry anthology which features my poem “Still Life with a Static Matrix Screensaver”.  Happy 10th anniversary and one worth celebrating.


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