Casting the Film of the Book

I’ve always been ambivalent about watching a film based on a book.  Being turned into a film always extends the audience for a book (even though most of that audience will not actually buy or read the book the film was based on).  However, having brought the characters to life whilst reading, there’s always the worry that a miscast actor will ruin the film.  Getting a perfectly cast actor enhances the character from the book.

Storycasting allows anyone willing to create a free account to suggest which actors should play their favourite characters, even if the film rights haven’t been sold.  You can also suggest books and actors if you can’t find your favourites or the one you think would be perfect for the character you want to cast.

“Bitter Fame” is featured but hasn’t been cast yet.  I’ve been struggling to match actors to characters.  The characters were very much alive as I wrote the story, but I’ve not been able to make the leap between the characters on the page and visualising them in a film.  Suggestions welcome.

Have you any favourite films based on books or suggestions for brilliant or awful casting decisions?


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