NaPoWriMo April 2014

I wrote 30 drafts of poems in the 30 days of April 2014. Last year, I made a last minute decision to join in so spent a lot of April reading poems in magazines and online to find inspiration. This year I was more prepared. I’d spent January writing a small stone each day so if inspiration wore thin, I could refer back to one these daily observations for an image or theme to kick-start a poem.

In between the poems I also wrote five book reviews. None of these books yielded inspiration for any of the NaPoWriMo poems. This isn’t a surprise because reviewing is about criticism, whereas when writing new ideas, you need to turn the critic off and just write. It’s when you return to edit that the critic needs to surface.

Like last year, some draft poems are more fully formed than others. In order to meet the target of a draft poem per day, the less fully formed poems, i.e. the ones with working titles or the untitled one, get put to one side so I can draft the next day’s poem. Now NaPoWriMo’s finished, the real work of reading and editing begins.

Do any of the titles below grab your attention?

Stars Fade, Memories Linger
Famous Blue Dress
Skin Boundaries
Turn Up the Volume
The Size of a Cow
Save Me The Waltz
Like This
The colour of January is a huge red stop light
An Ideal Dinner Party
What could be more English than this?
I want to give you this…
The call of the ice cream van
Sorry isn’t the hardest word
How things fall between gaps
[Untitled] – first line “It begins at St Margaret’s church”
The flowers on the wallpaper seem to move
Where the results are irrelevant
How I learnt to read upside down
It’s like liquid honey
Clockwatching [working title]
You fall in love too easily
How to do a blistering cover version
Targets and a Blind Spot
Billy [working title – will change]
Lyrics [working title]
I finally recognised a tune a colleague was humming
I learnt to create illusions
An English Earthquake

These are also listed on my NaPoWriMo page and I’ll update if any get accepted for publication.



One Response to “NaPoWriMo April 2014”

  1. jaynestanton Says:

    These titles are intriguing:
    The Size of a Cow, The Colour of January…, How Things Fall Between Gaps, How to do a Blistering Cover Version.
    Enjoy editing, Emma!

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