NaPoWriMo 2015 and Poem Titles

Progress so far: 15 draft poems in 15 days:

1 April – Between Dances
2 April – An alleged Gas Bill for the Nettle Emporium
3 April – A Dance in a White Dress
4 April – The Typist on the Thames
5 April – A Day to Breathe
6 April – This funeral won’t be televised
7 April – It’s not just the dead who haunt the living
8 April – An Abandoned Football
9 April – Before our meal
10 April – Sequins and Bubbles
11 April – Karaoke
12 April – Reluctant Perennials
13 April – The Library’s Blue Curtains
14 April – The Unused Prop
15 April – Over a Far City, a Rainbow

Any of these titles grab you?

With poems, the title is of utmost importance. Not only can it make an editor snowed under with submissions stop and read your poem but it can draw a reader in. Most poems are published in an anthology format: either in a magazine or book or listed on a search engine results page if someone is searching for  poems on X. Someone scanning down a list of titles or skimming through a pile of poems isn’t going to stop and read “untitled”. After all if you can’t be bothered to title your poem, why would anyone read it?





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