“Ghosts in the Desert” New Poetry Collection

“Ghosts in the Desert” will be published on 26 June 2015. Copies can be ordered from Indigo Dreams Publishing.

There will be a book launch in Leicester on 4 July at the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House on Queens Road from 3pm. Free entry and refreshments will be provided.

“Ghosts in the Desert” begins with external ghosts from news of wars, the aftermath of tsunamis, bombings, lives lost through suicide and murder, and how these can haunt survivors. Characters from films can haunt viewers after the credits have rolled, one sequence explores fan fiction and why we need stories to keep certain memories alive. The cover image comes from a poem that sees the marks on the ice as a ghost of the skater’s performance.

Ghosts in the Desert from Indigo Dreams Publishing

Ghosts in the Desert from Indigo Dreams Publishing

Emma Lee’s poems are finely crafted and truly resonate with their readers. Here is a poet who knows how to balance intimacy and experience with poise and control. This collection encompasses an impressive range of subjects from the Rutland Panther and Daleks to loss and bereavement. These poems are touching, honest and often deeply poignant. ~ Maria Taylor

Emma Lee’s new poetry collection is vibrant, tough, and delicate in equal measure. Ranging from poems in the voices of different characters, to Lee’s own poetic persona, these pieces radiate a quiet, assured power. The image of ‘words engraved on glass’ (‘A Frosted Line for the Dark to follow’) could stand sentinel for the whole collection, as there is a sense of the world as haunted here: widows shadowed by gone husbands; survivors of calamitous events stained by those who did not survive; people dogged by the political decisions of others. There is a fragility to these poems that also leads one to consider the strength of human spirits. The ‘dazzle’ that ‘fades into the long dark’ in her superb elegiac poem for Larry Hagman could describe Lee’s poetic mettle, and also the fact that the poems stay in the imagination long after the book has been closed. I’d recommend this book both for its beautiful, assured writing, and also because it’s both touching and disturbing… animated and elegiac. From poignant meditations on widowhood, to poems with surprising narrators, the past runs its veins through the present like the silver trail left on a leaf by a snail. Truly, with its sense of the gone world casting skeins through the current one, an accomplished and moving collection. ~ Deborah Tyler-Bennett


2 Responses to ““Ghosts in the Desert” New Poetry Collection”

  1. Ruth Stacey Says:

    Hi Emma, I just wanted to say how much I like the cover image for your book. It’s intriguing and makes me want to open the book and find out more. Best wishes,

  2. emmalee1 Says:

    Thanks for your comment. I love the design the publisher chose too.

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