Welcome to Leicester – poetry anthology

What message would you give to others about Leicester? What is the story behind that message? Could you write a poem that shares an experience or aspect of Leicester City? Your poem could be about part of your life story, a family story, about your favourite place in Leicester, about a personality or celebrity with a strong link to Leicester or it could be about your relationship with the city, its people, features, landmarks, peculiarities or history.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Poems should be 40 lines or less with a strong, recognisable link to Leicester.
  • Poems must be in English. In the case of translated work, it is the translator’s responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder of the original work.
  • If submitting a poem which has been previously published please give details of where it has appeared and confirm that you own the copyright.
  • Ideally poems will be typed single spaced and submitted either in the body of an email or as a .doc attachment. Postal submissions will also be accepted.
  • Please include a short biography of 50 words or less. This will be included in the anthology if your poem is accepted. If you do not send a biography, it will assumed you do not wish your biography to appear in the anthology.
  • You may submit a maximum of three poems. You do not have to submit all three poems at the same time, but the editors can only consider a maximum of three poems.
  • Please send poems to poetry@leicesterwrites.co.uk or Welcome to Leicester, 36 Leybury Way, Scraptoft, Leicester LE7 9UB by 15 July 2016.
  • We welcome submissions from writers of all ages, based anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Leicester will be edited by Emma Lee and Ambrose Musiyiwa and published by Dahlia Publishing. http://www.dahliapublishing.co.uk/

Emma Lee has published three collections of poetry, “Ghosts in Desert” (Indigo Dreams, 2015), “Mimicking a Snowdrop” (Thynks Press, 2014) and “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” (Original Plus, 2004). She reviews for The Journal, Sabotage Reviews and London Grip. She co-edited “Over Land Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge” (Five Leaves, 2015) and edited Paul Lee’s “Us: who made History” (Original Plus, 2012).

Ambrose Musiyiwa facilitates CivicLeicester, a community media channel. He is the author of “The Gospel According to Bobba” and has had poems published in “Over Land Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge” (Five Leaves, 2015) and in The Stare’s Nest. His short stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines as well as in the anthologies of contemporary Zimbabwean writing called Writing Now (Weaver Press, 2005) and Writing Free (Weaver Press, 2011).

Dahlia Publishing is a small press based in Leicester, founded in 2010 by Farhana Shaikh, which manages both The Asian Writer and Leicester Writes. Our diversity policy is at the heart of everything we do and we’re passionate about publishing regional and diverse writing. It hosts the monthly writers meet up at Café Bru, on the first Tuesday of every month.

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4 Responses to “Welcome to Leicester – poetry anthology”

  1. Mrs Fiona Linday Says:

    Hello, I’m Fiona Linday the p/t tutor from Attenborough Arts. I see that the anthology is entitled poetry & ‘short fiction’. One of my Leicester based short stories was recently included in KIicBait’s Vol 2, ‘Between This World & the Next’, edited by Alison Dunn. If indeed you wish to include short fiction, then that would be great! I could encourage some of my learners to submit.
    As for me, I’m writing short fiction (less than 1,000 words) after connecting with the empowering artwork in the Lucy & Gorge Orta exhibition, see here https://uk.patronbase.com/_AttenboroughArtsCourses/Productions/EG01/Performances
    If you are interested in me submitting, then please do get back to a say short fiction contribution is welcome.
    If not, then the best of luck with this endeavour.

  2. emmalee1 Says:

    Hi Fiona

    We’re looking for poems of 40 lines or less or equivalent length prose poems although we could consider micro or flash fiction of 100 words or less if it fits the anthology’s theme.

    Great to hear you’re writing after connecting with the artwork in the Lucy and Gorge Orta exhibition.

  3. Poems still sought for Welcome to Leicester | Emma Lee's Blog Says:

    […] You could live in Leicester, work in Leicester, have family in Leicester, have visited Leicester, be that person in Timbuktu who decided to support Leicester City instead of Manchester United or be the Martian who tripped over Curiosity, the Mars Rover developed at Leicester University, and decided to find out more. Your poem can be set in the past, present or future providing it’s recognisably set in Leicester. It’s the poem that is the primary focus. Full submission guidelines are here. […]

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