“Lost in the labyrinth of my mind” K Morris (Moyhill Publishing) – poetry review

Kevin Morris’s love of nature comes through in these meditative poems, e.g. in “Early Morning Walk”

“My dog snuffles
And scuffles
Amongst the leaves
It is just there
With no care
For what I think
As I drink
In the fresh morning air.”

The poem that gives the collect its title, “Labyrinth” also has a contemplative feel,

“Lost in the labyrinth of my mind,
Can I a way out find,
Via Ariadne’s thread,
Or must I remain in the land of the dead?
A place where the shadows forever fall,
And no birds call.”

There are other occasions where the perceived need to rhyme creates inversions to the natural order of words. In “Country Places”

“A neon advertising sign,
Clubbers drunk on wine
Half-dressed girls sway on unsteady feet,
Trying to keep to the beat.
Fruit machines flash
After knife-wielding thugs the police dash.

In his study the squire sits,
From a glass of brandy he sips
The dog his hand licks,
Elsewhere society falls to bits.”

Clearly the writer has a greater love of the country than the city. His disdain for female clubbers is counterbalanced in a later poem when he gives Penelope a voice sending her husband back to sea so she can be free of him. But there is a feeling of nostalgia in some poems, e.g. “Modernity”

“Give me something real
Not this plastic that I feel.
Give me books in cloth boards
That I may not be bored.
Give me a chime
To measure time.
Give me solid wood
To caress and love.
Give me objects that last.
A link to the past.”

The stronger poems have a balance of light and dark and invite the reader to join in contemplation, e.g. “Catherine Wheel”

“Sometimes I feel
Like a Catherine Wheel,
My words as sparks,
Lighting the dark.
But who in December
The fifth of November.”

“Lost in the labyrinth of my mind” by K Morris is available via Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions.

Saboteur Awards Short List Best Reviewer


5 Responses to ““Lost in the labyrinth of my mind” K Morris (Moyhill Publishing) – poetry review”

  1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book. Regards. Kevin

  2. Jayne King Says:

    A wonderful review for an equally wonderful writer. I’m so pleased for you!

  3. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Says:

    Thank you Jayne! Kevin

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