April is National Poetry Writing Month. Obviously the target of writing 30 poems in 30 days will be more about getting words on paper rather than completing poems. If 30 draft poems can be written in 30 days, they will still require editing and some drafts may not make it as final poems. I will list titles against the date drafted here (posting will not necessarily be daily). If a NaPoWriMo poem is accepted for publication, it will be noted with a link to the publication if available.

Comments welcome but are moderated to prevent spam so you may have to wait before your comment is made live. I will respond if a response is appropriate.

NaPoWriMo 2014

30 April 2014 An English Earthquake

29 April 2014 I learnt to create illusions

28 April 2014 I finally recognised a tune a colleague was humming

27 April 2014 Lyrics 

26 April 2014 Billy 

25 April 2014 Targets 

24 April 2014 How to do a blistering cover version

23 April 2014 He falls in love too easily

22 April 2014 Revival

21 April 2014 Clockwatching

20 April 2014 It’s like liquid honey

19 April 2014 How I learnt to read upside down

18 April 2014 She created her own luck

17 April 2014 The flowers on the wallpaper seem to move – published in The Journal

16 April 2014 currently untitled – first line “It begins at St Margaret’s Church”

15 April 2014 How things fall between gaps

14 April 2014 Sorry isn’t the hardest word

13 April 2014 The call of the ice-cream van

12 April 2014 I want to give you this… published by Ink, Sweat and Tears

11 April 2014 What could be more English than this?

10 April 2014 An Ideal Dinner Party

9 April 2014 Undertone

8 April 2014 The colour of January is a huge red stop light

7 April 2014 Like This

6 April 2014 Save Me The Waltz

5 April 2014 The Size of a Cow

4 April 2014 Turn Up the Volume

3 April 2014 Skin Boundaries

2 April 2014 Famous Blue Dress

1 April 2014 Stars Fade, Memories Linger

NaPoWriMo 2013

30 April 2013 Why a tomboy learnt to sew

29 April 2013 It’s the Action

28 April 2013 Not the Marrying Kind

27 April 2013 In the Vets’ Car Park

26 April 2013 Let Me Tell You a Story

25 April 2013 Flooded by Communication – accepted and published by The Interpreter’s House

24 April 2013 Five Irritating Habits of Co-workers published by Nutshells and Nuggets

23 April 2013 Like a bucket of water spilling over cold rain accepted by Your One Phone Call

22 April 2013 Judged, Found Wanting

21 April 2013 She’s given up fixing the broken window pane published by The Stare’s Nest

20 April 2013 Letting Us In – accepted (not published) by Aquarium by the Ocean; accepted by Your One Phone Call

19 April 2013 Dress Code for Live Music – published by The Stare’s Nest

18 April 2013 Hotel Life – accepted (not published) by Aquarium by the Ocean

17 April 2013 Phoenix

16 April 2013 Sky-eyes, Caged

15 April 2013 Blaze of Lies

14 April 2013 Coffee in March published by Nutshells and Nuggets

13 April 2013 The small hours have become my friends – accepted and published by Message in a Bottle

12 April 2013 Paint it Black

11 April 2013 Displacement

10 April 2013 Not turning the light on published by Under the Radar

09 April 2013 Scar

08 April 2013 Replacing the Shed

07 April 2013 Request

06 April 2013 Bleeding Red

05 April 2013 Creating a Scene – accepted and published by Message in a Bottle

04 April 2013 Tulips on Mother’s Day

03 April 2013 Poppy Red, Lime Green – accepted for the Emma Press Dance Anthology

02 April 2013 Stop me if you’ve read this one before

01 April 2013 Gaining a Loss – accepted and published by Morphrog

4 Responses to “NaPoWriMo”

  1. spakravan Says:

    Hi Emma Lee, Enjoyable post as usual. As for titles, my two-cent which of course is not an absolute but reflects my personal taste. I would avoid any title (not only for poetry) that starts with “how to,” even meant as humorous. Also any starting with a figure:” Five…” Sentimental titles as well, they’re just not my favorite: “Stars fade, memories linger” or “Sorry isn’t the hardest word.” So, my favorite? “Like this,” “Billy”
    Good luck.

  2. emmalee1 Says:

    Hi Saideh

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s interesting seeing reaction to titles without the context of the poem, but they do give an indication as to whether someone would be tempted to read the poem after seeing the title in a list of contents. I understand “How to…” it can seem prescriptive and instructional. I thought “Billy” might seem vague – is it a boy or a goat something else altogether? – but might try to keep the name in the title when I get round to editing it.

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