Resources for Writers

I’ve gathered all my writing tips and related articles into a resource page.  These will be updated and added to as new relevant articles are added to my blog.

General Writing Advice

Guideline Rules for Poetry Competitions

Judging Poetry Competitions

Six tips for finding time to write

Showing not telling – why your characters should never wear a tee shirt and jeans

If you don’t have time to read…you’re not a writer – the best way of learning to write is to read

Tragic Poetry – how to write poems about tragic events with respect, compassion and credibility

Writing Etiquette

Common Faults in short stories

Submitting Poems

How to Win a Poetry Competition

How to choose a poetry magazine to submit your poems

Six indicators that you are ready to self-publish your poetry

Five Good Reasons Against Vanity Presses – don’t get caught out by a press that only wants to take your money and will fail to help you promote your book to get sales

Submitting Manuscripts

How to get published in light of #queryfail – what traps to avoid when submitting query letters or proposals for a novel

Readings, Book Signings, Promotional and Live Literature Events

Survival Tips for Writers’ Promotional Events and traps to avoid

How to Choose Poems to Read at a Poetry Reading

Writers’ Groups

Five Tips on choosing a Writers’ Group

Guidelines for a successful Writers’ Group

How to Take Criticism at a Writers’ Group

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Courses – how to choose whether a creative writing course is right for you and how to pick the right course

Writing Blurbs

How to write a quote for a book jacket.


Coping with rejection is part of being a writer

Websites, blogs and Search Engine Optimisation for Writers

Basic Search Engine Optimisation for Writers

Social Media Marketing for Writers

Twitter Etiquette

Writing Guest Posts on Blogs

Copyright Law

Copyright, Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism

Literary Legacy

Why Writers Need a Will

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