Reviews Policy

Generally reviews on my blog appear because I’ve read, seen or heard something that I feel is worth commenting on.  Suggestions are welcome but this is my blog so there’s no guarantee I will act on a suggestion. I will consider print or ebooks (preferably as a .pdf), poetry, fiction or non-fiction, traditionally or self-published (but see point 9 below). I rarely review music.

I do not review audio books

If you wish to send an item for review, the following policy applies:-

  1. Enquire first by email to
  2. It is unlikely I will review an item on my blog if have I already reviewed or am due to review it elsewhere.
  3. A free review copy should be supplied.
  4. If any guidelines are sent regarding the suggested length of my review, style or layout of review or providing anchor text for links, these will be ignored.
  5. I will provide at least one link to a site where the item can be bought.
  6. I may add additional links to other sites if I feel it appropriate.
  7. Review items are sent on the understanding I may not like them and my subsequent review will reflect this.
  8. Bribes will not influence my decision about the item under review.  No reviews on this blog are paid for.
  9. I will review self-published/produced items but require details of where the item can be bought.
  10. If I do not know you and you do not have a web presence, I will be more likely to refuse to review the item.
  11. I reserve the right not to review any unsolicited items, ie items sent without an enquiry first.  If you have enquired first and I have agreed to review the item, I will review it.
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